September 19, 2014

3 Ways to Grow Your Business

Image by squareintheteeth via Flickr

Starting your own business can be an exciting, yet difficult endeavor. There is no right or wrong way to start your own business. Your successes and failures may depend on a wide range of variables, including methods, industries, and personal preferences. However, one thing for sure is that there are simple, universal ways to grow your business. These following suggestions will shed light on the different ways you can effectively expand your business.

1. Engage in Social Media

Part of expanding your business is getting the word out about your business and engaging your audience. With the rise of popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, it is important, especially for new businesses, to create a social media presence to attract and engage new followers. A Facebook page can be a more casual representation of your brand while illustrating who is already a customer. A LinkedIn page on the other hand, can give your business a professional feeling, while a Twitter handle allows customers to get deals and information about your business as quickly as possible. Social media provides a great way for businesses to get to know their audience and cater their business to the wants and needs of their potential customer base.

2. Connect with Your Local Community

Businesses often carry a personality of their own, especially through the owner’s engagement with his/her customers. The community essentially will determine whether your business succeeds or fails through their patronage, so it is important to engage and connect with your local community. In addition to using social media platforms, get the word out about your business by partnering with local organizations. Is there a cause you believe in and want to support through the local high school or college? How about providing catering for a town-wide event or participating in a town fair? Understanding what your audience wants is important, but take that a step further by becoming a fixture of the community they would hate to see leave.

3. Be Open to Change

Now that you have gotten the word out about your business and have solidified your standing within the community, what’s next? Understand that your business is not a static entity, rather, it is a dynamic enterprise that can constantly change and grow. What worked for you when you opened the business may need to be tweaked in a few years depending on changes in technology or even customer preferences, so always keep your options open and stay open to change.

Much like how the 12 Days of Christmas with Money Origami has provided alternative ways to view your money, these three methods are meant to help you grow your business, however, they are not the only tools you need to succeed. Make sure you have a good product or skill that you’re selling—after all, that will be the main draw to your business. Innovation, attitude and knowledge are powerful tools in developing and building a great business.

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